Reaching Out to the Circle

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hello Folks! It’s Round Shane again with another installment. This post is a little but different. I don’t have a different exercise circuit to post. What I DO have is a question. First, let me give you a little background.

Last Thursday, I received word that a long time friend from high school passed away after battling a long illness. He had just entered into hospice so his passing, in and of itself, was not a shock. It was the timing. Many of us, including my friend were under the impression that his passing was several months down the road. Instead, he was in hospice for less than a week. As grateful as I am that I got to spend quality time with him over the past couple of years (he lived in my native state of Georgia), I was devastated by the news.

Now, onto my question. The first couple of days after hearing of his passing, I just wanted to lie under a blanket and withdraw. It didn’t exactly help that I hadn’t been feeling well up to that point. Needless to say, the workout circuits were the furthest from my mind. So, I ask my like-minded readers and bloggers, what keeps you getting back onto the proverbial horse when life has hit you a sucker punch. Most days, I just have to remember the progress I have made so far and that keeps me going. This week, the motivation was just not there (not even when the scales indicated a 1.6 lb. gain).

I look forward to any input as I am sure I am not alone in my situation. Motivation can get sucked away in more ways than what I faced. Perhaps just writing about it helps. To paraphrase Lynn Johnston, who drafts the comic For Better or For Worse, writing may at times fee like having surgery. Still, a person has surgery when something needs to come out.



2 Comments on “Reaching Out to the Circle”

  1. Marlene says:

    I love you!


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