A Short Circuit Can Provide Great Power

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Howdy Folks! It’s Round Shane again with another short installment. As I mentioned in my last post my wife and I joined a gym at the beginning of this year. It has already to be a tremendous bonding opportunity for my wife and me.

The routine I am trying to set up for myself is to do one visit devoted to cardio exercise and the following with a shorter cardio routine combined with words that fill my life with dread: fitness circuit. The circuit involves a series of exercises that help to work specific muscle groups over the entire body. The machines will then will keep a log of your exercises and save them on a network. The log will record the exercises you did on a particular day and total weight lifted. For example, today I lifted a cumulative total of 9,425 lbs.

I am already beginning to see some payoff for it as I am currently at 281.9. That feels wonderful since I had an uptick in my weight prior to joining the gym. Of course, my wife has had some progress of her own and I beyond proud of her.

I’ll continue posting some updates as I progress (if for now other reason to maintain some self accountability).

I don’t like every part of this circuit but it is good for me. A short circuit can provide great power.



2 Comments on “A Short Circuit Can Provide Great Power”

  1. You two GOOOOO! Yay! Still struggling with my knee rehab, but doing some strengthening (low/no impact). I’ve got 33 left. Let’s do this. Love that you’re still at it! Weight training works wonders! Once you get in to it, your muscles crave it. I did Body For Life years ago. I was bench pressing over 100 pounds and was down to 17% body fat. I didn’t even look bulky either. Hmmm… I need to hit that weights again. Especially upper body. See what you’ve done!?


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