It’s All About Round

As I mulled over the idea of staring up this blog, some thoughts occurred to me. I am doing this to document my journey toward better health and fitness. Nevertheless, I must give some consideration toward my audience. After all, I am sharing my journey with the entire world. Given that I felt that I must take the time to give a disclaimer of sorts. In other words, I should explain what this blog is and what it is not. I need to make my intentions as clear as possible so that, going forward, my readers can hopefully understand my perspective a bit better. Also, I love making bulleted lists so here is my chance to do both.

  • Allow me to introduce myself. I am Round Shane. The title of my blog isĀ It’s All About Round. Why? Because my warped mind began to notice a pattern while I pondered for the umpteenth time that I have been morbidly obese for far too long and need to change it. Round shapes crop up in many places. Those round shapes are related, directly or indirectly, to my journey toward better health. This blog is designed to document those round shaped items and their relationship to my journey.
  • This IS a family friendly site. This means I will try to choose my words and images very carefully. I WILL use images, written narration and video to document my journey. Nevertheless, while I AM an adult, I don’t intend to use “adult” verbiage or imagery, that includes any comments that I approve for publication so please bear that in mind when you post them.
  • While I may associate some round objects as a contributor to my current state of health, I AM responsible for my past, current and future states of health.
  • I am NOT looking to revolutionize the fitness industries or health industries. The only movement I am looking to start is the movement of my own body toward better health.
  • I AM a person with a warped sense of humor. While I do take my health seriously, I am not above injecting humor to drive home a point even if it is at my own expense.
  • I am NOT a physician. I am NOT a dietitian. I am NOT a fitness trainer. Neither I nor my blog are intended to be a substitute for any of the aforementioned highly educated folks whose job it is to make people live healthier lives. If you are looking to start a change in your diet or exercise plan (even if that means starting a fresh one where none existed before), consult your doctor.

So, with the above mentioned provisos addressed, I shall let the posts begin. The first post will be coming soon. Once again, I am Round Shane. I hope that my posts inspire others to make better decisions for their lives as I am trying to make better decisions for mine and put them into action.

Remember – It’s All About Round