An exercise in humilty

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hello Folks,

It’s Round Shane back once again after a brief (but too long hiatus). I am very displeased with myself that I allowed, not only this blog, but the purpose behind it to fall to the wayside for two months. This blog provided me with a means of self accountability to keep my fitness journey on track. Instead, I allowed myself to fall victim to an element of round that hots many of us -the vicious circle of excuses. It was as if I had completely forgotten the very Endeavor Formula that I had created to help me. As the image above states, any endeavor will only generate results if you remove the excuses. In my case, I allowed the same excuse to snowball on me.

In the beginning of January, I started a new semester in college.It was the busiest semester I had encountered thus far in this degree program. That’s where the big excuse came in – I’M TOO BUSY! This meant that not only did my blog fall to the wayside but the elements that fed into did as well. I stopped going to the gym. I stopped doing the in home workouts. I stopped using my bike that I had mounted upon an indoor trainer. I simply checked out. I had allowed myself to forget to positive outcomes that came from those elements (i.e. weight loss, feeling better, increased motivation).

Of course, when excuses start to snowball, so do the consequences. Over the last two months, my energy level dwindled. I procrastinated my fitness journey over and over again. I couldn’t even bear to look at the photos and YouTube videos I had shared. I couldn’t look at the blog. It just hurt way too much. Of course the biggest consequence (no pun intended) is the act that, you guessed it, I gained weight back. Even worse, I have, once again, cross the 290 lb. mark. My last weigh in was on Mar 6, 2015 at 286.4. Today’s weight is 291.6. That is a 5.2 lb gain during that two month hiatus. I guess I can be grateful that I did not gain more. I can only attribute that to sticking to at least SOME of the food choices that I had made.

With the semester over, I got back out on my bike for my first outdoor ride this season. The result was humiliating. I rode 2.63 miles and it was pure torture to do that. One of my last outdoor rides last fall was just over 15 miles. I have a lot to make up for.

My big motivator is not only my own health. I am participating in a charity walk at the end of this month for the Arthritis Foundation. The walk is to support my daughter who has rheumatoid arthritis. I must condition myself better than someone who can barely manage a 2.63 mile ride.

OK, folks, that’s all for now. I have missed interacting with you al. I look forward to posting again next week with my progress. Remember folks: