Wifey Keeps Me Honest

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hi folks. It’s Round Shane again with another brief installment. I have lost 1 lb. in the last week. While I would certainly like to see greater numbers, I will gladly accept that over a gain in weight.

I have been taking baby steps in resuming my workout circuit in the gym. I basically do a full weight circuit every other day which includes a shorter cardio exercise (e.g. treadmill, stationary bike, recumbent). On the off days, I do a longer cardio exercise. I had been doing this alone (for no particular reason) while my wife has been meeting with her sister earlier in the day very regularly. I am very proud of her progress.

Over the past couple of days, my energy has been sapped due to some bug that started out as a sore throat. Since a Saturday was approaching, my wife said that she would be leaving for the gym early. Her sister would not be joining her so she wanted to know if I wanted to come along. I simply said: “Wake me up and I’ll go.”

Well, as promised, I woke up to the sight of my lovely queen. She even let me sleep in a bit since she knew I’d had trouble sleeping the night before. This was the first time in a while my wife and I had been together in a while. We gained some insight into each other’s routine. We even rode side by side on stationary bikes. Wee both logged 5 miles riding our own virtual trails somewhere in France.

I truly enjoyed the time together and, to be honest, it prevented me from sitting the day out due to not feeling well. My wife helped me to remove an excuse to succeed in my endeavor. Remember folks:



Another Attempt at Reform

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hello folks,

It’s Round Shane once again. I know, it,s been a while. To be precise, it’s been nearly 4 months to the day. I am loathe to admit that I fell victim to a circle of excuses. Actually, I shouldn’t call myself a victim. I don’t know if I fell off the wagon so much as I just got off at a convenient stop. By stop, I mean I stopped exercising and I stopped watching what I eat.

Such stopping is not without repercussion. Recently, I began hitting a trend of abdominal issues. It reached a point where I began testing to rule out gallstones. Fortunately, no stones were found. While I am not aware of any direct correlation between my abdominal issues and my drop from the routine, it did make me think. When I exercised routinely, I felt better (especially emotionally). I felt like I had a relationship with my future, healthier self.

I DO feel blessed that there was no weight gain. I actually weigh less. When I stopped tracking I weighed 292 lbs. Today, I weigh 284 lbs. Still, I can’t escape the idea that I would likely be much farther ahead had I not stopped.

Let me be clear. I am not reaching out for my network of readers to “prop me up”. I am putting this out here to attempt a reboot and recreate the self accountability that was intended when I started this as a school project almost a year ago. I am looking to break the circle of excuses. Any endeavor will lead to success only when excuses are removed. Remember…


A Ring Can Be A Link

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hello Folks! It’s Round Shane once again. Please forgive me for dropping off the past couple of weeks. I truly have no excuse other than letting the holiday lull get the better of me. I took my focus off the Endeavor Formula. As the image above states, any endeavor will only generate results if you remove the excuses. I failed to do so and it was at the expense of my endeavor toward greater fitness. Having stated that, I DO have a significant update to report.

To provide some background, my wife injured herself on the job nearly 15 years ago. Since then, she has dealt with issues of back problems and mobility issues. Fast forward to about two weeks ago. She had an exam that basically show some nerve impingement in her back as a result of the injury. It was great to finally get something that made some sense as far as the pain she was going through. She is looking to have a surgery sometime in the future. They also recommended that she get into a fitness program to make her a better candidate for the surgery and in better condition for recovery.

Long story short, my wife and I decided to join our local gym. I realize that part of my blog was centered around the the premise that I was using tools at home due to the cost of gym membership. Still, I felt like I needed to make the investment for my wife’s sake and a family membership would help us to support one another. My wife has been a great cheerleader for me when I started this blog and my own fitness endeavor. It would be selfish, at best, not to support her endeavor in return. This also gives me an opportunity to get out of the house with my wife. It also helps that the gym is less than a 5 minute drive from our house. Even in the worst winter weather, the trips to the gym will most likely be easily feasible. The nearby location will also make it easier for us to balance our fitness training with our academic studies as my wife and I are both enrolled in college.

Then, of course, there is the vanity angle. Our older son is getting married this coming Halloween. We both intend to be in better shape and sporting a fitter look for the wedding.

Lastly, there is the geek angle. The gym allows me to use an online tool (FitLinxx) to track my workouts. Simply put, I have more than just my own motivation (or occasional lack thereof) to keep me going and known when step things up. Having a trainer available offers me someone to understand my goals and help me to find the best way to attain them.

So there you have it folks. I found something round to tie into my endeavor. The wedding rings my wife and I wear help us to form another bond. The ring helps us to form a link between ourselves and our individual fitness goals. Today, I weigh 281.6 pounds. I also went to the gym and lifted a cumulative total weight of 9,150 lbs. It’s a good start. I look forward to seeing the results on my son’s wedding day.


I’m On Bloglovin

Hi Folks,

Round Shane here. I wanted to let you know that I have joined Bloglovin. It is another tool that can be used to follow “It’s All About Round”.

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It Seems Only Appropriate To Add DumbBells

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hi Folks,

It’s Round Shane once again with another installment.

Well, folks, I must admit (rather sheepishly) that I somehow lost JUST enough focus on my blog that I had a week that went by where I completely failed to track my weight or post to this blog. To be honest, I have no idea what caused such a distraction. Given that there have been a number of you that have been incredibly supportive of my journey (as well as some new followers who have joined), I wholeheartedly apologize.

Now onto some good news. Today’s weigh in shows that my weight has gone down again. I weighed in at 278.8 lbs. That is a 4.2 lb loss from the previous weigh in and a 9.9 lb weight loss to date. UGH! The double digits are SOOO close. I guess that is one way to remind me to stay on top of my routine better going forward. I am taking SOME consolation that it is my lowest weigh in to date.

In addition, I have made some other changes (which may be contributing to the most recent results. I have increased the repetitions on my kettlebell circuit. I also added a new circuit to my routine – dumbbells. In light of my misstep in blogging routine, it seems only appropriate. Honestly folks! I started the dumbbells right after the previous weigh in. I have included the new circuit below. For a beginner’s circuit, it definitely puts the work in workout.


Twists, Turns, and Drops

Hi folks! It’s Round Shane with my first installment of how round shapes fit into my journey toward greater health.

This blog started out as partly as a school project and partly as a “come to Jesus meeting” with myself. I have been overweight for pretty much my entire adult life. When I was discharged from the Navy in 1986, I became less active. I also got married in the year that followed. Between being less active and having someone else’s cooking other than my own to eat, the weight came on pretty quickly. I weighed around 170 lbs in 1986. Fast forward to 2014, I have gained more than 100 lbs. since then.

Over the years, there have been other things that have joined the wild ride that it my fitness journey. I have had to deal with being out of shape, buying larger sized clothes, and seeing that look of concern people give when I step into an elevator. But wait, there’s more. I have also had to battle the follow medical issues since around the age of 29 (Ugh, another bulleted list).

  • Sleep apnea – This means I literally stop breathing during sleep. I have to wear a special mask that forces air into my airway while I sleep. The forced air prevents the pauses in my breathing and I can sleep more soundly. Being obese makes me far more prone to sleep apnea. Will I free myself from sleep apnea with enough weight loss and better health? It’s possible but not guaranteed. Time will tell.
  • Type 2 diabetes – Mind you, diabetes runs in my family. Still, my doctor has told me that if I got my weight and my diet under better control, I could become independent of the medication I must take to prevent my pancreas from failing altogether.
  • High blood pressure – Again, this runs in my family (on both sides). I may likely battle with blood pressure issues for the rest of my life. Still, with less weight and a better diet, I could likely battle with less medication and have a stronger heart to boot.

As this blog/journal/diary got closer to fruition, I was actually beginning to get very excited to get it started. I had images in my head of a much leaner and healthier me. I could picture a less round Round Shane. I imagined bicycling 50 miles or more. I imagined traveling down South to visit family and friends and not feeling that they are so worried about my health.

Then, just this past week, things (as they say) GOT REAL!. My professor approved my project idea. I began to get very nervous. I was beginning to feel the effects of the emotional roller coaster. Still, I was doing fine. I realized that I had to have a starting set of figures to kick things off. I weighed myself – 288 lbs. That roller coaster was started to make its steady climb to the top. Then, I took some measuring tape. After all, I should document my starting waist size – 54.5 inches at the waist. GEEZ! PLEASE TELL ME THAT’S METRIC! I measured 47 inches at the hips. That was less of a shock as this is pretty close to the waist size I use when I buy pants.

I used to enjoy roller coasters. They used to be quite a thrill for me. When I mulled around those numbers (288, 54.5, 47), I felt like I was being suddenly jerked through a bunch of twists, turns, and sudden dips in elevation. I went from being excited to understanding why all those grown men on the weight loss reality shows start breaking down in tears. I had gone up, down, and every which other way. I was even beginning to feel a bit nauseous.

I know this will get better over time. I have to see this through. As a Southern man in his late 40’s, every day I outlive Elvis Presley is a gift. In case you were wondering, a roller coaster goes through twists, turns, and drops. Good ones take you into great curves and spirals. This is all done while taking the rider in a complete circle.


It’s All About Round

As I mulled over the idea of staring up this blog, some thoughts occurred to me. I am doing this to document my journey toward better health and fitness. Nevertheless, I must give some consideration toward my audience. After all, I am sharing my journey with the entire world. Given that I felt that I must take the time to give a disclaimer of sorts. In other words, I should explain what this blog is and what it is not. I need to make my intentions as clear as possible so that, going forward, my readers can hopefully understand my perspective a bit better. Also, I love making bulleted lists so here is my chance to do both.

  • Allow me to introduce myself. I am Round Shane. The title of my blog is It’s All About Round. Why? Because my warped mind began to notice a pattern while I pondered for the umpteenth time that I have been morbidly obese for far too long and need to change it. Round shapes crop up in many places. Those round shapes are related, directly or indirectly, to my journey toward better health. This blog is designed to document those round shaped items and their relationship to my journey.
  • This IS a family friendly site. This means I will try to choose my words and images very carefully. I WILL use images, written narration and video to document my journey. Nevertheless, while I AM an adult, I don’t intend to use “adult” verbiage or imagery, that includes any comments that I approve for publication so please bear that in mind when you post them.
  • While I may associate some round objects as a contributor to my current state of health, I AM responsible for my past, current and future states of health.
  • I am NOT looking to revolutionize the fitness industries or health industries. The only movement I am looking to start is the movement of my own body toward better health.
  • I AM a person with a warped sense of humor. While I do take my health seriously, I am not above injecting humor to drive home a point even if it is at my own expense.
  • I am NOT a physician. I am NOT a dietitian. I am NOT a fitness trainer. Neither I nor my blog are intended to be a substitute for any of the aforementioned highly educated folks whose job it is to make people live healthier lives. If you are looking to start a change in your diet or exercise plan (even if that means starting a fresh one where none existed before), consult your doctor.

So, with the above mentioned provisos addressed, I shall let the posts begin. The first post will be coming soon. Once again, I am Round Shane. I hope that my posts inspire others to make better decisions for their lives as I am trying to make better decisions for mine and put them into action.

Remember – It’s All About Round