A Short Circuit Can Provide Great Power

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Howdy Folks! It’s Round Shane again with another short installment. As I mentioned in my last post my wife and I joined a gym at the beginning of this year. It has already to be a tremendous bonding opportunity for my wife and me.

The routine I am trying to set up for myself is to do one visit devoted to cardio exercise and the following with a shorter cardio routine combined with words that fill my life with dread: fitness circuit. The circuit involves a series of exercises that help to work specific muscle groups over the entire body. The machines will then will keep a log of your exercises and save them on a network. The log will record the exercises you did on a particular day and total weight lifted. For example, today I lifted a cumulative total of 9,425 lbs.

I am already beginning to see some payoff for it as I am currently at 281.9. That feels wonderful since I had an uptick in my weight prior to joining the gym. Of course, my wife has had some progress of her own and I beyond proud of her.

I’ll continue posting some updates as I progress (if for now other reason to maintain some self accountability).

I don’t like every part of this circuit but it is good for me. A short circuit can provide great power.



A Ring Can Be A Link

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hello Folks! It’s Round Shane once again. Please forgive me for dropping off the past couple of weeks. I truly have no excuse other than letting the holiday lull get the better of me. I took my focus off the Endeavor Formula. As the image above states, any endeavor will only generate results if you remove the excuses. I failed to do so and it was at the expense of my endeavor toward greater fitness. Having stated that, I DO have a significant update to report.

To provide some background, my wife injured herself on the job nearly 15 years ago. Since then, she has dealt with issues of back problems and mobility issues. Fast forward to about two weeks ago. She had an exam that basically show some nerve impingement in her back as a result of the injury. It was great to finally get something that made some sense as far as the pain she was going through. She is looking to have a surgery sometime in the future. They also recommended that she get into a fitness program to make her a better candidate for the surgery and in better condition for recovery.

Long story short, my wife and I decided to join our local gym. I realize that part of my blog was centered around the the premise that I was using tools at home due to the cost of gym membership. Still, I felt like I needed to make the investment for my wife’s sake and a family membership would help us to support one another. My wife has been a great cheerleader for me when I started this blog and my own fitness endeavor. It would be selfish, at best, not to support her endeavor in return. This also gives me an opportunity to get out of the house with my wife. It also helps that the gym is less than a 5 minute drive from our house. Even in the worst winter weather, the trips to the gym will most likely be easily feasible. The nearby location will also make it easier for us to balance our fitness training with our academic studies as my wife and I are both enrolled in college.

Then, of course, there is the vanity angle. Our older son is getting married this coming Halloween. We both intend to be in better shape and sporting a fitter look for the wedding.

Lastly, there is the geek angle. The gym allows me to use an online tool (FitLinxx) to track my workouts. Simply put, I have more than just my own motivation (or occasional lack thereof) to keep me going and known when step things up. Having a trainer available offers me someone to understand my goals and help me to find the best way to attain them.

So there you have it folks. I found something round to tie into my endeavor. The wedding rings my wife and I wear help us to form another bond. The ring helps us to form a link between ourselves and our individual fitness goals. Today, I weigh 281.6 pounds. I also went to the gym and lifted a cumulative total weight of 9,150 lbs. It’s a good start. I look forward to seeing the results on my son’s wedding day.


It Seems Only Appropriate To Add DumbBells

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Hi Folks,

It’s Round Shane once again with another installment.

Well, folks, I must admit (rather sheepishly) that I somehow lost JUST enough focus on my blog that I had a week that went by where I completely failed to track my weight or post to this blog. To be honest, I have no idea what caused such a distraction. Given that there have been a number of you that have been incredibly supportive of my journey (as well as some new followers who have joined), I wholeheartedly apologize.

Now onto some good news. Today’s weigh in shows that my weight has gone down again. I weighed in at 278.8 lbs. That is a 4.2 lb loss from the previous weigh in and a 9.9 lb weight loss to date. UGH! The double digits are SOOO close. I guess that is one way to remind me to stay on top of my routine better going forward. I am taking SOME consolation that it is my lowest weigh in to date.

In addition, I have made some other changes (which may be contributing to the most recent results. I have increased the repetitions on my kettlebell circuit. I also added a new circuit to my routine – dumbbells. In light of my misstep in blogging routine, it seems only appropriate. Honestly folks! I started the dumbbells right after the previous weigh in. I have included the new circuit below. For a beginner’s circuit, it definitely puts the work in workout.


Get On Your Bike (Trainer) and RIde

My parents got me this bike when I was 11 years old. I rode it everywhere.

My parents got me this bike when I was 11 years old. I rode it everywhere.

This is a picture from 2013 of me and the bike I currently own.

This is a picture from 2013 of me and the bike I currently own.

Hi folks! It’s Round Shane here again with another installment. Those who have been following this blog know that last week I suffered a setback with a three lb. weight gain from the previous week’s weight. I wasn’t handling it very well.

Part of the reason why was that I had spent time to comfort more than one fellow blogger about their setbacks. Apparently, I was perfectly fine with delivering the encouragement and comfort. It was another matter entirely to be on the receiving end. In addition, this blog was partly designed to be an avenue of self accountability. I share my exercise routines, my feelings, and my warped fixation with round shapes. If something that I felt was negative cropped up, I am honor bound to share that as well. Seeing it on the scale isn’t the same as posting the data on the Internet in front of God and everybody.

So, where do things stand this week? After receiving encouragement from several avenues (e.g. bloggers, family members), I decided to step things up a bit. This happened to coincide with an annual event in my home. Every year around this time, when the temperatures in Western New York get too cold for my Georgia blood, I pull my bicycle inside from the garage. I lug that baby upstairs and st it up on a trainer so that I can get use of my bike year round. I can get more cardio into my routine. I can justify the cost of the bike and the trainer. It’s a win-win for me.

I got on the scales tonight dreading the numbers in light of last weeks results. Imagine my surprise! I weighed in at 279.2 lbs. That is a 5.8 loss from last weeks weight. I am shocked and ecstatic. I may not see such a significant change every week but I am glad that my change appeared to bear some good fruit.

Below I have included a playlist from YouTube. The three videos capture a bike rider (not yours truly) riding from Turning Point Park to the Charlotte Harbor Pier (off the shore of Lake Ontario). I have ridden this route many times over the last several years. I love the boardwalk and I love the view. Watching the videos while on the trainer puts me in the right head space for riding indoors and provides a visual distraction (as I otherwise find a bike trainer very monotonous). In total, it’s about a 30 minute ride.

Thanks once again for all your support. For those in the Buffalo area, please stay safe and stay warm. For those in my home state of Georgia, I wish I were there with you. 😀


I’d Rather Walk A Plank Than Do One

The solution is simple.

The solution is simple.

Howdy folks,

It’s Round Shane once again with another installment. Once again, I make tiny baby steps in the right direction. I lost 1.8 lbs since last week. While I am happy that this means I am still losing weight, I can’t help but notice other things. First of all, the amount of weight lost form one week to the next has gotten smaller. I lost 2.5 lbs. the first week. If this trend continues, I will either yield a zero pound loss or actually regain weight back. Clearly, I need to find a way to step things up. With that in mind, I did two things. I decide to add another kettlebell set to my routine (basically repeating the set that I was only doing once). From there, I must work up to increasing the repetitions and getting a heavier weight. Clearly what I am doing is not enough. I KNOW I can do more without hurting myself.

It is also with this “step it up” attitude in mind that I introduced another exercise to my routine – the plank. I did my first set of planks tonight using a YouTube video that you will see at the bottom of this post. I managed to eke out 3 sets of 20 second planks. As I lay collapsed on my wife’s pink yoga mat (Don’t judge. I’m not buying another one while this one is intact)….anyway…as I lay collapsed on the manly yoga mat, I wondered to myself: Why have I never done planks before? Maybe it’s because they REALLY hurt and I sweat like a used car salesman in church. Oh MY LORDY! I would rather walk a plank than do one any day. Still, I will continue to do them. The adage of “No Hurt You? No Virtue!” definitely applies here. I am 48 years old. I’m not dead yet. I WILL improve. I WILL stick with it. I WILL get healthy.

Lastly, I also noticed that I caught myself making excuses for not losing more weight. After all, it was Halloween this past weekend. Everybody slips on Halloween. Perhaps that MAY be true but here’s the deal. Thanksgiving is less than a month away. That is going to be a huge challenge for me. Then of course there are Thanksgiving leftovers (another slippage opportunity). Less than a month later, there is Christmas and all the confectionery goodies that lead up to the holiday. Less than two months from that holiday is my birthday. Two days later comes Valentine’s Day. In less than four months, one occasion after another chips away at my willpower and could potentially get me farther away from my goal to get healthier. If I DO slip, there is the risk that I gain the weight back or, God forbid, weigh more than when I started. If history is any indication, this will greatly upset me and I will drown my sorrows in a double bacon cheeseburger then lie in bed grumbling about how engorged I feel. And, OH YEAH, Easter is right around the bend from Valentine’s Day. It just continues IF I let it. This is simply what is known as a vicious circle. Why did you eat that? It was a holiday, everybody does it on this holiday. Why did you gain weight? Because I ate too much. Why are you so sad? Because I weigh so much and it makes my family worry (and I worry too). Would you like fries with that? Yes, please but just give me water with lemon to drink. I am watching my weight after all. It’s time for me to take accountability and stop making excuses. I can expect that the holidays will be challenging. However, it is NOT a done deal that I will surrender to the challenge.

There are only two possible outcomes to any endeavor – Results and Excuses. The two CANNOT coexist. You either have one or the other. Below is the plank routine that is now part of my workout set. It’s time for me to destroy the vicious circle of excuses before it eats my willpower and chips away at my health.

So it was another of tiny baby steps FORWARD. I am less happy this week but, as they say in Georgia, I am bound and determined.

I look forward to posting again next week. Please feel free to like my post, leave a comment, and tell a friend.

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Starting Slow But Picking Up Stability

Shrug if you wish, but I WILL get healthier.

You may shrug. I WILL prevail.

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Hi folks! It’s Round Shane here once again giving you the details of my journey toward greater health. Of course, a round shape ties into it all.

First of all, let me give you the weight update. Last week, I weighed in at 288.7 lbs. This week, my weight is 286.2. At 2.5 lbs, you can be sure that I would be quickly voted off a weight loss reality show by my supportive (but miffed) who lost 27 lbs. in the last hour. Still, I didn’t get discouraged by the numbers. I may be moving slowly but I am still moving.

I started off an exercise routine using a stability ball I had acquired some time back. I got my from Amazon (click here for the exact model).You can get these in a variety or colors and sizes. If you are larger, like me, you will need a larger ball to bear and distribute the weight better.

I have included a YouTube clip below that I have started using for reference. My stability ball also has exercises printed right onto the ball. Feel free to surf YouTube for other clips as I found quite a few. I chose to keep and share the one I found because a) the exercises were easy to implement and understand b) the person demonstrating wasn’t dressed for a Maxim photo shoot and c) I could FEEL the results.

So it was a week of tiny baby steps FORWARD. I look forward to posting again next week. Please feel free to like my post. You can also look for new images on Pinterest and follow me on Twitter.